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Auto Fuel Doctor technician arrived within 35 mins after I placed the call. 20 mins upon arrival I was back on the road. Micheal was amazing, great professional and knowledgeable. Job well done.

1 month ago

Johne Doe

Sibtain was the engineer from Auto Fuel Doctor who I attended to my vehicle I can not praise him enough for the excellent job he carried out for my car to be back running.The customer service was also spot on, reassuring and helpful. I wise the stars here are more than five

1 month ago


I can’t believe it for the first time in my life I filled in the wrong fuel today I called out this company they arrived swiftly and got my misfuel problem solved I will definitely recommend Paul

3 weeks ago


The engineer Ahmed that attend to my motor is a top chap not only that he rescued me and my car he also saved me from a big embarrassment. He was very professional paid a detailed attention to my car and took me through all the process step by step. Thank you!

2 months ago


Excellent service both on the phone and on site. James was friendly and professional he managed to get my car running again after I had lost hope when the first company that attended to my vehicle to me i needed to buy a new fuel sender unit. I forgot to mention I also got a free battery service.

3 months ago


AdBlue nightmare but this amazing guy came to my rescue and did everything to get my car engine back in action. James is a credit and big value to your organisation not only he was very courteous he was also very professional went above and beyond to fix my car. thank you Auto Fuel Doctor for your professional staff.

4 months ago


The service received was excellent really nice and professional. Fuel Doctor technician was with me before ETA and got me van running within 30 mins. Top company

7 months ago

Wrong Fuel in Car? No need to worry! Auto Fuel Doctor is a quality specialist in draining the wrong fuel and get you back safely on the road. You can call us 24/7 for the Wrong Fuel Car Recovery Service, and we guarantee that your car will be running back in just one hour.

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Petrol in Diesel Car in West Sussex

Whether you realize your mistake at the oil station or after driving for a while, Auto Fuel Doctor’s West Sussex Branch can still help you get out of this pickle. Do not stress yourself unnecessarily. Our local drain specialists will be there in less than 30 minutes to drain the wrong fuel and fill in the right one to get you where you need to be

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Diesel in Petrol Car in West Sussex

Accidentally putting diesel in petrol engine is not as bad as other kinds of fluid contaminations. However, to be safe, turn off the ignition and park your car in a secure location. Your next action must be to call the local Auto Fuel Doctor professionals to aid you in this situation. Just Give us a Call and Our Experts will reach out to you in no time.

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Adblue in Fuel Diesel in West Sussex

Filling up your oil tank with AdBlue can have dire consequences. It can also mean that your life is in danger if you keep driving the vehicle in such circumstances. Therefore, stop the car immediately and contact your local branch. The rest is up to us. If you have added Adblue in Fuel tank anywhere in West Sussex then CAll Auto Fuel Doctor.

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Emergency Fuel Supply in West Sussex

Unleaded in diesel is quite common in West Sussex. You are not alone in making such a mistake. This blunder is reversible if you contact us. Our specialists will drain the contaminated fluid from the car and fix it up by putting the right one. Moreover, our customer service is also available for your convenience. We are Experts in Draining Unleaded in Diesel.


If you have put the wrong fuel in your car, Dont panic! We got you covered. Our Wrong Fuel Specialists will drain the wrong fuel, flush the system, change the fuel filter, and refilling with the right fuel. Whatever the mistake! Either diesel in petrol or petrol in diesel, Auto Fuel Doctor has the ability to safely evacuate the wrong fuel, and immediately get you back on the road.

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Fuel Service

We can fix all kinds of issues such as Misfuelled, Wrong Fuel, AdBlue Contamination, Contaminated Fuel, and Fuel Drainage Car.

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Misfuelling incidents occur! Call us at (0203 903 9033), and we will clean and refill the right fuel in your tank. Draining the wrong fuel is the only solution.

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Fuel Disposal

Our Experts at Auto Fuel Doctor are misfuelling specialists, and they can deal with all makes and models of vehicles all across UK

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